Drugstores and many healthy food shops offer a wide range of oils. There are so many of them, that women are often having hard time choosing the best one. It happens because they have no clue or know only very little about using such products in hair care (or what kind of effects they can expect). It is time to change it. Start your treatment right away and see for yourself what stunning effects you will obtain.

What are the effects of using hair oils? Hair is stunning!

Thanks to hair maniacs, bloggers and hair stylists, hair oils became very popular cosmetics. More and more girls decide to start hair treatments with the use of oils. All of them are amazed by the spectacular effects. What exactly are they? First of all, oils take care of hair from the outside. They make your strands smooth, soft to the touch and glossy. There is no more problem with frizz and static. Blow-drying, styling and other treatments become very easy. Secondly, hair oils work on hair also from the inside. They provide various nutrients and active ingredients. Furthermore, those are responsible for regenerating split ends, fixing defects in the hair structure, strengthening hair follicles and inhibiting hair loss. Thirdly, hair oils nurture scalp. They regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, reduce dandruff and restore natural pH.

Application of hair oils? It's child's play!

Oils can be applied to dry or damp hair; on their own or combined with a conditioner or mask. Moreover, the product can be used on the entire length of hair or only on the ends. It is said that applying it to scalp brings great results. Such complex treatment with the use of a generous amount of oil is called hair oiling. According to girls who use it regularly, it provides stunning effects. Do you know how to improve the work of oils? Put on a plastic shower cap and a towel. You can as well warm up the towel. Thanks to the heat that is created under the cap, the scales raise which makes the penetration of active ingredients a lot more effective.

Remember that applying oils regularly is the key to success. The best solution is to use them once a week; the hair tips can be taken care of everyday. Match the amount of oil to the length and thickness of your hair. Try not to use too much of it – even the most gentle product can cause greasy scalp and hair. Each application is facilitated with pumps and pipettes. They will help you dose the right amount of the cosmetic.

What does hair oil contain?

Hair oil is a revolutionary product that delivers brilliant results. These would not be possible if it was not for the ingredients. What do hair oils contain? They comprise essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins, minerals, silicones, lubricants and many other beneficial ingredients. When choosing the best oil for your hair type, pay attention to the content of essential fatty acids. There are: saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils. The first type of oils is best for low porosity hair care. Monounsaturated oils are perfect for medium porosity. The most recommended oils for the treatment of high porosity are polyunsaturated ones.

Hair oils – ranking

If you are still not sure which oil will be most suitable for your hair type, read the ranking carefully. The comparison is based on a research conducted on a group of 1,250 women. The participants of the test were independent bloggers, hairdressers and all the girls that have a great experience hair care. Are you curious what oil has won the first place? Let’s read.

1 Nanoil Hair Oil

Who can use Nanoil Hair Oils? Nanoil Hair Oils are recommended for anyone who wants to professionally take care of their hair and scalp. The product can be used …
Recommended by 94% of respondents

2 Moroccanoil Treatment Light hair oil

Who can use Moroccanoil Treatment Light hair oil? Moroccanoil Treatment Light hair oil is recommended for the treatment of thin, weakened, damaged hair that lacks volume. It will help …
Recommended by 91% of respondents

3 Davines OI hair Oil

Who can use Davines OI hair Oil? Davines OI hair Oil can be used by everyone regardless of hair length, thickness, colour and how heavily the strands are damaged. …
Recommended by 89% of respondents

4 Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil for hair

Who can use Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil? Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil is recommended to everyone who like strengthening, smoothing and moisturising their hair. Also, women whose strands …
Recommended by 85% of respondents

5 John Masters Organics hair oil

Who can use John Masters Organics hair oil? John Masters Organics hair oil can be use by everyone who want their hair to look healthy and…great. What is more, …
Recommended by 81% of respondents

6 Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil

Who can use Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil? Garnier Fructis miraculous oil is recommended for dry and damaged hair. It you want to regenerate and moisturise your strands quickly, then …
Recommended by 76% of respondents

7 Kshir Pak Vidhi Sesa Oil for hair

Who can use Kshir Pak Vidhi Sesa Oil? Kshir Pak Vidhi Sesa Oil is recommended for people who suffer from hair loss, weak, susceptible to damage hair. If you …
Recommended by 73% of respondents

8 Essence Ultime Diamond Color & Radiance Oil Elixir

Who can use Essence Ultime Diamond Color & Radiance Oil Elixir? Essence Ultime Diamond Color & Radiance Oil Elixir is recommended for colour-treated, damaged and dry hair. If you …
Recommended by 69% of respondents

9 Pro-V Intensive Repair hair oil

Who can use Pro-V Intensive Repair hair oil? Pro-V Intensive Repair hair oil is recommend to everyone who have dry, dull and weakened hair. The product will also be …
Recommended by 62% of respondents