Davines OI hair Oil

Who can use Davines OI hair Oil?

Davines OI hair Oil can be used by everyone regardless of hair length, thickness, colour and how heavily the strands are damaged. Moreover, if your hair is dry, frizzy and brittle, Davines OI hair Oil will be perfect for you.

It will be also useful whenever you decide to create a fancy hairstyle.

How does Davines OI hair Oil work?

Davines OI hair Oil provides versatile use. It has beneficial influence on the scalp and hair condition. The product makes strands shine and silky soft. It has a lightweight formula that is instantly absorbed and does not weigh strands down. Additionally, the cosmetic facilitates brushing, tames unruly strands and makes styling quick and easy. Thanks to the protective layer that is created on the surface of hair, blow-drying and straightening will not have such negative influence on the condition of wisps and will not damage their structure. What is more, the components of Davines OI hair Oil provide anti-radical and antioxidant performance. In consequence, scalp is moisturised and hair is strengthened with additional prevention against premature graying.

Using Davines OI hair Oil.

Before each application, you must warm the oil up in the palms of your hands. Next, rub it into clean, damp strands from their mid-length downwards. Wait a while for the product to be completely absorbed; do not rinse it. Keep in mind that the amount of oil you use must be adjusted to the length and thickness of your wisps. Be very careful not to apply too much of the product – this might disturb the work of sebaceous glands.

What are the components of Davines OI hair Oil?

Davines OI hair Oil contains a combination of silicone oils that create a protective layer against UV radiation and also facilitates combing. Roucou is another precious oil that can be found in Davines OI hair Oil. This substance is rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene. Thanks to those ingredients, your hair is resilient, its beautiful colour is preserved and your scalp – deeply nourished.

  • no need to rinse oil
  • protects against UV radiation
  • facilitates combing
  • fights free radicals
  • softens and moisturises hair
  • contains only one oil
  • it is hardly available