How to prevent dull summer hair?

You don’t need to put up with the dull summer hair! You just need to know the best hair-care rules and the things to avoid. How to keep your tresses from losing the shine in the summer?

best remedies for dull summer hair

Many of us have already experienced the bad effect of the sun on the hair. Why is that? The major things to be blamed include wrong hair care, incorrect hairdos and not treating the hair right when you go to the swimming pool or seaside.

Prep the hair for the summer

Get a nice haircut to make the tresses easier to work with. It’s best if you give up on color-treating and bleaching because it makes the hair more exposed to damage.

How to keep the hair safe in the summertime?

Conditioners and professional masks are your essentials – they are absorbed by the hair so the tresses are hydrated and safe from the UV rays. Note that salty water makes the hair worse too. Remember that the skin on the head sweats way faster in the summer so don’t forget to wash the tresses more often.

The store shelves are heavy with products that ensure sun protection. You must be careful, though. Always read the ingredient list and avoid buying products with substances that dry out the tresses or irritate the scalp. Even some hairsprays and mousses are enriched with UV filter.

Always rinse the hair after getting out of the swimming pool! Chlorinated water has a bad effect on the hair, making it dry and depriving it of shine. Do the same after bathing in the sea. Wearing a cap also seems reasonable.


Always shield the hair against the harmful effect of UV rays. Ideally, put on a hat, scarf, towel or cap. When it comes to anti-sun-damage products, you can try lightweight oils which keep the sun rays from affecting the hair.

Let the hair rest

Don’t use a blow-dryer. The hair air-dries fast in the summer so you don’t need any hot tools. Still, don’t expose the tresses to the full sunlight – it’s better to stay in the shade longer. If you don’t like the way your hair looks after air-drying, remember to use a heat protectant before you reach for a dryer. Such product is usually rich in silicones that form a protective coating on the hair surface.

Before plunging in, put the hair in a bun. Ideally, try not to dip the head to avoid the color fading due to salty water.

Every day is a good day to enhance the hair

Day-to-day hair care benefits the hair repair. Make use of summertime shampoos, conditioners and masks which feature UV filters absorbing or blocking the sunrays. The formulations are also enriched with hair-strengthening ingredients such as natural extracts from camomile, aloe, amber and other plants.

Hair-hydrating products don’t eliminate the harmful effect of the sun totally but they surely improve the condition of hair, make brushing easier and leave the tresses smoother.

The best products for dull summer hair

It’s great if your products have a strongly-reviving effect. Use ones that feature keratin – the essential protein that builds the hair, nails and skin. With such products you can replenish keratin and make the hair ends split-proof.

Argan oil is another precious ingredient worth picking. It has a hydrating and repairing effect and abounds in omega acids so it replenishes all deficits your hair may be struggling with. It’s worth it!

Provitamin B5 benefits the hair and enhances growth while vitamin B7 prevents the hair loss.

Use products rich in collagen – a protein that hydrates from within. The cosmetic brands started to add it to their sun-protection products some time ago.

Home remedies for dull summer hair

DIY conditioners will surely leave your hair perfectly moisturized. You have the necessary ingredients at home, that’s for sure.

A mask based on honey and eggs works wonders – apply it all over the hair lengths for full absorption of ingredients. Wash it out thoroughly after 30 minutes.

Rolled oat mask works great too. You just need to mix rolled oats, milk, plain yogurt and almond oil. The oats soaked in warm milk add volume to hair. Apply the mask on dry hair and shampoo after 30 minutes.

Avocado mask, on the other hand, makes the hair shinier. Peel and mash one avocado and mix it with coconut milk for shampoo-like consistency. Apply it right after preparation and wash it out using warm water after 20 minutes.

There are endless ways to remedy dry, dull hair. Follow the above tips to finally enjoy the super-shiny moisturized hair in the summertime!