John Masters Organics hair oil

Who can use John Masters Organics hair oil?

John Masters Organics hair oil can be use by everyone who want their hair to look healthy and…great. What is more, it will help girls who struggle with skin diseases. It is truly a universal cosmetic.

How does John Masters Organics hair oil work?

John Masters Organics hair oil provides beautifying and nourishing properties. It ensures the proper level of moisture and replenishes nutrients. What is more, it provides gloss, smoothness, facilitates combing and reduces the time required for drying. John Masters Organics hair oil contains UV filter and natural antioxidants.

Such substances protect strands and scalp from harmful sun radiation, free radicals, at the same time, provide healthy and young look.

Using John Masters Organics hair oil.

Despite its small bottle, John Masters Organics hair oil lasts for a very long time. It should be applied to clean, damp hair. Only a few drops are enough to obtain satisfying effects. If you want, you might add a small amount of the oil to your hair conditioner. Moreover, John Masters Organics oil will be perfect for hair oiling treatment. However, remember that if used on medium or high porosity hair, it should be combined with polyunsaturated oils.

What are the components of John Masters Organics hair oil?

The most important ingredient of John Masters Organics hair oil is argan oil. It is obtained from the kernels of argan trees (Argania spinosa L.) that grow in Morocco. Obtained liquid consists of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It has positive influence on hair, scalp and body skin.

  • contains argan oil
  • easy application
  • nurtures hair and scalp
  • reduces frizz and static
  • provides antioxidant properties
  • can be added to hair masks or conditioners
  • small capacity
  • distinguishing scent
  • if used on body skin, the product will run out after a shorter period of time