How to correctly use a shampoo? Hair wash step by step

Hair wash is a task that we tend to not pay enough attention to. After all, there is nothing complicated about it, some shampoo, a bit of water, and a few minutes of your time. However, as it turns out you can wash your hair better! How to wash your hair and use the shampoo correctly?


We definitely do not pay enough attention to the correct way of washing the hair. In theory, we know how it should be done but the experience shows that we have much catching up to do because we tend to use too much of the shampoo, cause excess dryness to the hair and scalp, and on top of all that we do not rinse hair thoroughly enough.

Here is a brief manual for everyone who would like to learn how to correctly use a shampoo and wash the hair. The step by step instruction will help you get a grip on what you are doing wrong.

The instruction. How to use shampoo?

STEP 1. Brush your hair

Before washing your hair you need to (and that is important!) brush it. It’s an introduction to hair wash because using the brush you can already remove some dirt. Besides, possible tangles can make a hair wash more difficult so it is best to do it only after the hair was combed out.

STEP 2. Wet the hair

Before you get to the shampoo, you should wet the hair under the running water. You should also keep in mind that the optimal temperature for hair wash is 38-40°C. High temperatures combined with shampoo may turn out to be the combination with a too aggressive approach and cause scalp irritations. Do not remove the excess water as it is necessary for the shampoo to foam properly!

STEP 3. Water the shampoo

It’s a very important step! Not many people realize that the shampoo that you get at a drugstore or supermarket is simply a concentrate so it needs to be diluted with water. It is then gentler to the hair and scalp, foams better. Diluting the shampoo has this quality that you then use up less of the product so it is more efficient, lasts for longer, and that equals savings.

How to dilute the shampoo?

  • Take a small portion of the shampoo onto the palm of the hand and rub the hands against each other to foam the shampoo (you can add some water in the meantime).
  • Prepare a small container (jar, mug, or special shampoo foamer) and pour a portion of the shampoo into it, add water, and mix it up vigorously.

STEP 4. Wash the scalp

At this point, apply the shampoo to the scalp (not the hair!) and massage it in. The product will foam even more so there shouldn’t be an issue with distributing it at the hair roots. You need to remember to perform a gentle massage in a circular motion and to avoid scratching the skin because this way irritations may be triggered. Wash the scalp gently but thoroughly for about 2-3 minutes without omitting any part of the skin.

STEP 5. Cleanse the hair

Use foamed shampoo to also wash the hair. You just need to spread the foam from the roots to ends as if you would skim the hair. You do not have to rub it forcefully!

STEP 6. Repeat the hair wash

On average one hair wash is enough to cleanse hair of all the dirt, but it depends on the shampoo, how often you wash the hair and whether it is prone to greasy roots. If it is, then you should rinse the shampoo with cool water and repeat the above steps.

STEP 7. Rinse the hair

After washing the hair you need to rinse it properly. Don’t be sloppy about it, but do it thoroughly to avoid leaving residues of the shampoo. The residue of the detergents on hair and scalp can cause dryness and irritation so you should rinse it till the water is entirely clean and nothing will foam. You should obviously rinse it with cool water to seal the cuticles.

STEP 8. Towel dry the hair

Last, you should remove the excess water from the hair. Start with squeezing the water out using your hands and then wrap hair in a soft towel. Once you have the towel on, you should leave it for a few minutes so that hair can return the water to it. Then comb hair with a wooden comb or allow it to dry on its own or with a hairdryer (use cool air!).